Zombie hordes appearing out of thin air in recent updates?


hello i just cleared a part of town of some hordes and took some hours to dissect the bodies of several shocker/technician zombies then came back to see in the same place i cleared a new 30+ zombie horde spawned out of thin air.

now with this new game i started i did notice a few zombies spawning out of thin air here and there but entire hordes? i think its just a bit too much.

YES i did fire my M4A1 a few times. is that the reason? seems a bit too much


It was probably firing your gun, from what I understand wander spawns will spawn stuff in based on noise. The louder the more spawns.


yes but this also happens in DAYTIME when you can clearly see the map and just walk by the place then come back and 500 zombies appeared out of thin air. shouldn’t they like come from outside the reality bubble/ at least move? wasn’t that how it worked before? i only seen this in recent versions


No idea if it’s something new there but there has been some weird stuff recently. I’ve got Z levels turned off but when I fired a gun on the second floor I ended up with a massive group of zombies tearing apart the building when I went back downstairs. Nasty fight to get out of there so maybe they’ve made other changes.


I’ve had this since I started playing Wander Spawns a couple of weeks into D. With Wanders off, your experience might be a little less dynamic, but it is a lot less goofy.

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ok so hear this:

i found one of those new research facilities, parked my pickup truck in front of the door, went and looted all the floors (i stashed all the loot next to the staircase and didnt go back up to the ground floor) and when i hauled now my stuff to my car, aparently a 5 zombie horde spawned on top of my car and tore it and about 300 liters volume of loot to shreds. now this is ridiculous how can they just spawn like that it’s annoying this place is fenced with brick walls


sad but seems like the only option. i initially played like that before i realized it gets somewhat boring after you clear every zombie and you feel too safe. hordes really were a challenge, cleaning them strategically from towns or having your shelter assaulted by some zombies in the night it sure was more engaging but goofy stuff happening in recents really is a turn off.

i played with wanders for some time now but until now, i didnt happen to see zombies pop out from nowhere after you go behind a corner, or 50 zombie hordes appearing 30 yards from you while you butcher a corpse/ sleep. i remember them actually coming from the edge of the screen not just spawning next to you ,sometimes very OBVIOUSLY, so i dont think im crazy something did change right??


That is strange, I haven’t played recently, but I have used wander spawns since they were still experimental, and they should pop up near the edge of your reality bubble, coming in from neighboring areas. If they’re appearing as close as you say, something’s up.