Massive fungal spore and fungaloid colony hangs computer or crashes the game


Everytime I get anywhere near this particularly big colony of fungal spores and fungaloids, the game either crashes or makes the computer stop to a halt. First I noticed if I tried to remove a motor from a vehicle somehow near it, the game crashed with a Core Dumped message. Then I approached the massive colony from the other side and the whole computer stoped to a halt, forcing me to hard reset it.

Could you upload a save? Without a crash log it’s difficult to tell if the problem is caused by an overflow in something fungal related, or if it’s simply due to a particular spot on the map that is corrupted (and happens to be near the fungal colony).

No, I unfortunately lost the character, but I will remember to save a backup file next time I encounter something like this.

best guess is you hit a size limit… Does anyone know how to compile 64 bit versions of CDDA?

I had similar problems whilst testing the sleep-state mutations.

Yesterday’s (13th Jan) Experimental, local build

Long story short, hanging out in an Evac Shelter about 6 or so tiles north of a Fungal Bloom eventually crashed to desktop after about 20 hours of waiting around. (The things we do to test mutations.) I think it might be spore-overload; can upload the world if I know what files you’d need.

i just experienced a very bad lag between pressing a key to move and the actual movement in game. Everything else responds good, and i’m not near any fungal/ooze/triffid generator as far as i can say. Only my house is full of loot. It must be something local, because a new char in the same map moves normally.

If anyone wants to check this, here is the file :

Edit : this is weird, after a few tries, the games responds normally… don’t know what happened there, gonna check more