Lots of crashing? 0.2617 Experimental

Just seeing if anyone else has had a fair bit of crashing with the latest experimental. Game exit or seemingly random actions seem to lead to a crash, just want to double check that it’s not my rig.


It is not just you - it has been happening to me since about .2615. Lots of crashing, mostly when I attempt to craft something. I get a runtime error.

Ah okay, yeah same here. Hopefully the next experimental will fix it up!

Is it related to creatures in any way? Especially creatures at the edge of reality bubble (60 tiles away)

Can’t quite say, as I haven’t been looking actively or noticed any such thing. But the crashes happen often enough, so maybe it involves that

Might be. Creatures have been in the bubble whenever I have attempted to craft and crashed.

It’s a rather intermittent crash so it’s hard to pin down exactly what’s causing it. If it helps, it seems to happen to me the most a few turns after I go downstairs at science labs, and whenever I try crafting something that takes a long time to complete. (It crashes midway before crafting is complete)

I looked at the logs and found that triffids were causing several crashes a few days ago, and yesterday and today zombies seem to be the issue.

I think it may be related to footsteps getting invalidated when monsters die as a result of infighting.
I’m compiling an attempt at fix.

If so, it’s not a new bug, it’s just that before it could only happen when NPC killed something and now with zeds killing animals offscreen.

Awesome, I’ll keep an eye out for the fix!

Also it could very rarely happen when hulks killed things, which was a very rare and indirect form of monster infighting.

It should be fixed in the newest binaries. If it’s not, then it wasn’t the footsteps and I’m out of clues.

It looks to me like it is fixed now; I was getting crashes like that yesterday.

Today’s build.

Damnit, that’s active item processing again. I just merged a fix to some of the processing code that may just address that issue, but it’s hard to say without knowing what scenario is causing it.

Thanks, I can’t reproduce it now (used to crash after moving a few tiles east in my current save). I’ll post if it crops up again.