Martial Arts + Melee?

I have to admit that I have more or less ignored the martial arts styles. I’m just… not really into it. Unarmed? Pfff. I realize it’s probably extremely powerful if you put time into it, but anyway.

Are there any benefits to taking a martial arts style with the intention of using melee weapons? I understand some of them give bonuses if you keep moving, etc. But I’m curious if they apply if you are armed.

I’m interested in making a character who was a competitive sword-fighter (or whatever) and I’d like to see if there’s any point in investing in a martial art.

Martial art aren’t for the moment polished, but unarmed apply to some weapon (fist-like weapon) so i’m pretty sure some art may be able to use some weapon.

You could see by yourself if you want to : use the debug menu to give you all martial art with you version, and give you some weapon you’d like to use.
Then wield the weapon, selec the art and wait one turn; if you got a buff (name of the art youchoose) in your caracter screen it’s likely it work.