Martial arts and weapon correlation question

Hello, survivors! I have a questions which bother me for a long time.
How did those martial arts combines with melee weapons? Will work Tai Chi with awl pike? And does monomolecular blade act like knuckles?
Wiki tells that only few martial arts can work with specific weapons, but I have doubt.
P.'S. sorry for my england

Usually each Martial Art will provide a description scrolling through the list of the choices your character has available. Usually via reading books and then pressing the stance you wish to employ.

So if any has an option to incorporate melee weapons. It should state as such. Hope that helps.

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Best option is to view json files, because some effects can apply to weapons even while not described. Like for example every weapon gains precise strike from ninjitsu.

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When you have a weapon it will tell you if it can be used with a martial arts like krav maga and batons it says:

“This weapon can be used with the following styles: Krav Maga, Some Ninja Art, and Chuck Norris.”

If you don’t have the art it won’t tell you if it’s usable with it. And if I remember rightly awl pikes are used with medieval swordsman training from the melee training trait.

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