Mapgen (extremely) randomly unable to generate overmap specials in 6431 w/ mods

Mapgen is being extremely random with me here. Frustratingly, this issue is so random. The only thing I’ve noticed is that Bright Nights seems to increase the chance of mapgen screwing up when paired with other mods that add in new locations, like More Locations/Tall Buildings. I suspect it’s due to a file called “regional_map_settings.json” in Bright Nights mod not playing well with other mods or something. Playing without mods is the most “stable” (yet un-fun) solution.

I have done some testing by creating new worlds with different mods enabled, but it might not have been thorough enough.

Starting a new survivor on a new world WITHOUT any mods. Probability of occurring: Uncommon. When it does happen, it’s usually just the bandit camps.

Tall Buildings, More Locations, and Arcana Mod (Not the mainlined one that got obsoleted, the updated one from Random_Dragon’s Github). Probability of error occurring: Somewhat uncommon? Still the occasional error when starting a new world and then a new survivor, but not as much.

Bright Nights + More Locations and Tall Buildings: Probability: Medium.

All four at once: Tall Buildings, More Locations, Arcana Mod, Brighter Nights. Probability of error occurring: Really high. I can “Retry 20 times”, sure, but that’s also really schizophrenic. The mandatory overmap limit isn’t even being passed, so that can’t be a cause. When the error occurs, it’s usually more than just the Bandit Camps that are unable to be placed, too.

Just Bright Nights and the required Craftable Gun Pack. Probability: Somewhat uncommon? Errors don’t occur as much, and it’s usually just the Bandit Camps that fail to spawn.

This is a known issue that I will be tackling before the next stable release.