Mapgen being weird and misbehaving

A weird problem I have with the mapgen is it often just doesn’t place me where the scenario instructs it to. “Mall Cop” scenario, I get an error, and I get slapped in the middle of nowhere instead of in the loading dock security booth. This happens for almost every scenario.
Another mapgen problem that I have is the region type of desert just not being available, it was at one point then it just vanished from my game one day. Even a reinstall did not work!

Desert was temporarily disabled because some stuff needed fixing. Shortly after that the person who was actively working on it left the project, so it’s been in a kinda limbo for the time being.

As for the mall cop or other scenario stuff, this happens because the location that is required (such as a mall) doesn’t exist on that particular overmap. The more rare your scenario starting location, the more likely this is to happen. In addition doing things like turning city size up can also make this happen more or less, depending on if you spawn point location is a city building or not.

Can we force the starting location to exist somehow?

I think we have an issue open with several potential fixes, one is forcing it to be created somehow, another is to keep making overmaps until one pops up.

A bit like how Dwarf Fortress creates and rejects worlds?

Sorta, but the difference is that this is more like creating an additional “chunk” of the previous world. You wouldn’t be in a brand new one, you’d just be in a brand new overmap that was “just” off of the edge of the old one.

Well I have been avoiding scenarios like the plague because im tired of taking half the possible points I could be getting, just so I can wake up 3 miles walk from any buildings.

Desert seems to be strange region,sometimes you can select it and sometimes can’t.

I never had the mapgen problem of being plopped in a field ever though until about a week ago, When I first started playing DDA though it had never done this, I created 10 different worlds and Mall Cop scenario diddnt start correctly on any of them.