Map zoom in/zoom out

I saw on bay12 forums that a guy said he can’t find his car. here are some ideas with stuff like this to make the game less tedious.

  1. you can ‘spray paint’ your car and this will give the car a unique signature on the map and on screen. maybe just a different color?
  2. right now the map has 1 level. if you can zoom in, you can add more detail map markets that are on the exact location. you can turn these off. Does this need z-levels?
  3. you should be able to zoom out so if you go far away you can see where you were before. sort of a world view. does this require z-levels?
  4. add a stealth skill to make you quieter. wil lbe dependent on clothing. certain clothing and if you have alot of it will be noisier. this would auto-train so i would do 2 things to balance it
    – have it use extra focus to train. or else its just too easy
    – have it erode (or whatever you were going to change this to) faster
  1. It would be nice to have the game automatically have a note where any custom named vehicles were.
    2 & 3) Zooming would be sweet, though it’d take a fair amount of work. This wouldn’t require z-levels, it would just require a whole lot of time put in to make maps that were more detailed.
  2. A stealth skill or similar things will be going in when we get a working stealth system.

map scaling would be interesting. On that one world I was screwing around with in 0.6, it would have helped if I could simplify and abstract towns as a certain symbol or such because of how far I had wandered around

All my support for auto-note for custom vehicles.

Zooming would be neat, too.

Maybe if we used binoculars, we could extend our line of sight? I mean by activating the item in menu, then going into a view mode with extended viewing range. At least this way we could see what is about 2 map tiles away from us without having to walk in the zombie hoard that waits there.
This is an alternative to all the work required to make a more detailed map for “zooming in”.
I like the zooming in idea though. Also the named car map markers idea is great too. I myself lost a car once around v0.7

Filed an issue for the auto-note thing, that’s a good idea.
Zooming the map would require basically writing a complete copy of the map rendering code, it’s just not intended to do that.