Zoom while looking around

A small thing so it isn’t really an issue but would it be possible to make it so you can zoom while looking around? It wouldn’t be really anything more then a quality of life feature so I wouldn’t expect it to be high on anyones list of things to do but it would be nice if it could be added at some point. (unless this is possible and I just don’t know how)


X button to look around and such unless that changed recently.

Sorry, I probably could of worded this better, what I mean is the ability to use the Z/z commands while actively using the X command.

uuhhhhh…what? 0_o

You can peak around corners. You can move the X to wherever you need. Soooo…yeah. Ya got me stumped. Sorry.

You can’t use Z/z to zoom in and out while using X to look around, you can do it before hand but not while actually using X. It would be nice to be able to do that at some point as it makes it easier when you are looking for something and/or how to get somewhere. As I said, it really not all that important but would be a nice quality of life feature.

Oh. Gotcha. I normally do that before I look around and never thought much about it.

If it were implemented though. So it wouldn’t mess with how people normally look around. I would hope it would be a toggle option. =)

It shouldn’t cause people problems I think unless they are in the habit of mashing z while using x/X.

You got me! I do mash both sometimes. I tend not to look at my keyboard while playing and being so close to each other I tend to tap one or the other often enough it would then make me hit Esc or something to turn off the unintended function -_-

If it makes you feel any better I tend to fat finger the s button while trying to drop stuff, its made for some… unfortunate events. :smiley:

Like I forget what F I use and auto fire instead of single or the shotgun addon lol xD