Map seed?

I just got this cool map, shelter between two cities, 2 more cities past a small forest to the east, no epic loot except a military wreck, but it beats the usual shelter-in-the-middle-of-nowhere spawn I get.

Thing is I decided to try playing DDA instead of CZS, and I’m not really a fan of spitters/grabbers/shrieks, so I would like to restart with that map in CZS.

So, assuming I can’t just copy&paste my save from DDA to CZS (its never that easy), is there a way to modify map generation parameters to specify a seed ?

PS: Does CZS use a different generation code for the world than DDA? I never got such a good spawn in CZS.

Sort of. There’s a --seed flag on the command line to initialize the rng when the program starts. It hardly guarantees any sort of consistency though.

Hm, and even then, that doesn’t help much if you can’t retreive the seed from your map/application instance.

That’s right. That feature’s pretty much only useful for benchmarking and tool-assisted speedrunning.