Map Seed - A way to regenrate a new overmap based on a "favorite"

Would it be possible to have the map RNG set to generate worlds on a pattern, thus making ‘map seeds’ a thing? Would anyone be willing to attempt it? Or would the work involved be just too much at the moment?

Just hate that when I get what I consider to be a ‘great map’ going, and it becomes obvious I want/need to update, I have to Reset the world, but it never has the same ‘feel’ as the previous world. It would be nice if, for example, that city of New Andover were still there on a restart. Wouldn’t have to be exact mind you, just something giving similar water/swamp/forest/city locations everytime.

Possible yes, but the changes to the mapgen code would be quite extensive, and AFAIK it wouldn’t enable anything except this one feature.

Ok. Well I understand then. Not likely to happen.

Had to ask though :smile: