Hey guys–

Worldgen. Could we get a few options to create our own worlds instead of having a random one? random is fine, but I’d love to be able to create a large world filled with say, small towns or huge cities-- or nothing but forests and science labs. You get the drift.

World Size : X Y
Cities - Number
Cities - Average Size
Cities - Size Variance
Forests - As above
Rivers - etc.

And most important: self-entered random seed for procedural generation, so we can share our worlds with fellow cataclysmers without uploads!

It would be great to share worlds this way. “Create world with seed BU77SCH3X - then head NW, first house has flashlight, backback, shotgun and meth!”

Hope you know spawn is random, and if you die or start a new game you wont appear in the same evac. Maybe yes, but depending of the amount of evacs in the map

Its not random - its pseudo-random and randomness is generated by giving always different seed - currently seed is probably system time giving almost real randomness.

Change that to (optional) user-given seed and it generates same world on different computers (maybe not amongst different operating systems or game versions).

If starting places vary, then another user-given seed is used to give pseudo-random location.

Randomness is not a problem here, since it in reality is pseudo.

I too would like being able to plug in a seed. With standard libraries I made a program that generates a random seed based off system time, displayed that seed, and then did some ‘random’ things using that seed as a 3rd week homework assignment in c++ class. It had to be made so that the teacher could enter a seed and get the same result.

So it shouldn’t be -too- difficult to add something like that in.

Hmm… except I can’t seem to find any mention of srand in the rng related code and that’s the only way I know of to initialize a random number generator seed.

In main.cpp I see int seed = time(NULL); with ctime included so it’s currently using the system time to generate the seed. (Which would mean that if two people loaded the game at the exact same moment with synchronized computers they would get the same world.) I imagine that could just be changed to allow the user to view or overwrite that variable in options if they so choose. But I don’t know enough about this particular project’s code to throw up any code myself.

There is actually a way to use a special seed.

It can be set at gamestart with cataclysm(.exe) --seed ThisIsMySeed123

But i agree, it should be possible to enter the seed before world generation.