Save RNG seeds?

I wonder if it is a good idea to save the seeds (or whatever used to generate the seeds) in save files, to prevent me from using alt+F4 every time I fail a check?


It is not, no. If we did that you could just edit them out of your saves. As a rule we don’t start savescumming arms races with the players. If savescumming messes up your game, just stop doing it.

Having a separate worldgen seed could be a great thing, at the very least for debugging worldgen.

I will often reset my world between characters. I’ve noticed that some things are not the same between resets. Care to enlighten us a bit on how this works?

No overmap data is preserved after a reset.
There is no explicit “mapgen seed” as in some games. Instead mapgen uses the same random number generator as the rest of the game, meaning that the generated map depends on how you explore it.

But there could be a separate generator just for mapgen, and that could be useful and “fun”.