Map generation error

0.9 g48a937d
Curse (At least I think it’s Curse)
Windows 8

Started a new map with the experimental build. The map appears mostly correct at first, but upon further exploration entire chunks of terrain disagree with what is displayed on the map screen (Pressing the m key in game). See the example screenshot below

The minimap in that screenshot suggests I am surrounded by fields, yet I’m standing on a road next to some buildings.

I’ll see if I can get the save file uploaded as well.

Edit: I can’t upload the save with the offending map, sorry! Both the forum attachment widget and Mediafire can’t handle the task.

Hear about it before. Have not seen it myself. Anybody have a save?

Dropbox saves the day!

I’m not sure which files I need, so here’s the whole damn thing. Upon loading the game, you’ll start at the place where the above screenshot was taken. There’s also a FEMA camp to the north in unmapped territory, revealed by a military map item. That FEMA camp also falls foul of map generation strangeness. It’s quite a long way away, but you can use the car you start next to and drive most of the way there.

For some reason I cannot download it. When I select download as zip I get a 400 error.

Ah, appears Dropbox has a hissy fit when you try to download the whole shebang in one go.

You can still use the above link to download the save. Unfortunately it appears you’ll have to download the data, lua and save folders and the cataclysm.exe file individually before stitching the mess back together again at your end.

The problem here is that I don’t really know what I’m doing. If someone can identify which core files are needed I can trim out the unnecessary junk and upload a second, more agreeable download. In the meantime I’ll leave the previous link as it is, that way we know you’ll have an identical copy of what I’ve got.