Crash when loading save

I have my save on dropbox and can be accessed here.

My entire game is actually backed up on Dropbox and can be viewed here for those interested.

Here’s a screenshot of the runtime error I get loading this save in particular.

I did have NPC’s on. They were static. I am wondering if this is the reason for the crash but I haven’t experienced this in the past.
Is there a way to salvage this game of fix the error or am I out of luck?

Thanks for any help!

At least the file “save/Covesville/maps/1.5.-1/” is corrupted. It does not contain any meaningful data, and the game chokes on the unexpected content.

This is definitively a bug (game should not crash on any input).

Actually several files in “save/Covesville/maps/1.5.-1” seem to be corrupted. I have no idea what caused it. Note: the map files should be readable with a simple text editor. If not, they are probably corrupted.

Which ones? I guess I’ll just start a new character if there’s no way to salvage the game.

So far, every .map file is able to be opened in notepad+ for me.

Anyway, thanks for responding. At least I have an idea what is wrong now haha.