Map Disappeared

Version 0.A-2-g0e7da21

So I’d been playing for a while, and had just finished raiding a military bunker, when I decided to save, since sometimes the game likes to crash at odd times. Nothing major, chalk it up to alpha. Anyways, it crashed just as it finished saving, and threw up an error I hadn’t seen before. Since I was saving to quit and do other things as well, I figured it wasn’t anything, a little lost time, whatever. I open it back up to find that, instead of standing in the bunker, I’m encased in rock. I cheatport out to the lab I’d raided before, but the map for the underground was, well, this:

Area in the upper left is the lab, center is solid rock I was encased in. So I exit the lab, which looks normal, and the above ground local area looks just fine. And then I check my map again.

Wonderful. I ported around, and all the places are still there, just, the map is borked down to those tiles only. Blinking Ns, @s for me and the NPCs, and field and unexplored for the rest. Please tell me I can fix this, as I really like the progress I’ve made. I wish I captured the error box, it was more than the standard “process crapped out” message.

Save is here, if you wanna take an adventure in my wonderful world, and hopefully hand it back with its pretty map pictures back:

Downloading the save as zip gives me two folders farrsville and Farrsville. Have you ever played this save on a Linux system? Linux systems usually handle files case sensitive, so farrsville and Farrsville would be two separate worlds there. Windows would thinks they are the same. So does Dropbox.

Farrsville/maps/ is an empty folder, but the other world data (the overmap, player data, artifacts, etc.) are there.
farrsville/maps/ contains many maps, but no general world data/save games etc.
If this save has never been on anything but Windows, than it’s probably not an issue at all.

Next thing:
The file Farrsville/o.0.1 is basically empty. I have no idea how that happened, sorry. This file would contain the things you see in the map view.

The file Farrsville/o.11930463.11930463 (and Farrsville/o.11930464.11930464) are uhm strange. The numbers are coordinates of those overmap, but the player starts at (0,0) and has to move quite far to reach those coordinates, and even than there would be maps of the area in between (e.g. o.0.0, o.1.1, o.2.2, o.3.3, … o.11930463.11930463). I have no idea how they appeared there.

Next thing:
Some map folders are empty (e.g. Farrsville/maps/5.0.-1). This should not happen. The game only creates those folders when it wants to write something into to it, so there should be some map files in it. The maps of your current position should be in Farrsville/maps/5.3.0/, but that folder is empty, too.

Next thing:
Why are there Tutorial.o.0.0 and Tutorial.o.0.-1 files in the save? Those should have been created in a tutorial game only, and a tutorial is always started in a world named “TUTORIAL”.

It seems that during saving something happened that caused the saving to abort. The map data is gone.

Well, rip in piss, I guess. Time to collect the stuff I need and transfer the save into a new map, or just start a new game! One maybe on SDL instead of Tiles, since its more for Windows? Anyways, thanks!

I’ve had a similar issue two weeks ago, game hanged up on saving leading to all sorts of weird stuff.

Had to use an older backup save.

Yeah, if the saving process trips only a little it’s totally possible to only save some of the save data (such as where you are and what you have seen/mapped) while dropping other data (such as what terrain was actually at those locations.