Mansions have inaccessible rooms and pointless doors

I was suspicious of such a large solid wall space, so I used the Probability Travel CBM to see if there was something there. Unless there are secret rooms with hidden access controls, like a book case button or something, I think the random building generator might need a bit more refinement. This is the first time I’ve spotted this, so I have no idea how common it is.

Edit: found pointless doors as well. See below. This place is a madhouse!


You brought up an interesting idea even if this is a bug.

Have secret rooms with buttons somewhere that open up a door to a part nearby. Would be great to have a few uncommon-rare caches of items.

-Shelf Stable food/beverage
-Weapons + accompanying ammo(instead of random)
-a few tools or some other useful items like a HackPro

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Found two more in the same mansion that are connected, but only accessible by window.

Damn you and your logic!

I ALWAYS climb into my mansion through a window I can only open from the inside :wink:


I’ve seen this too recently. It drove me nuts too because I was convinced there was a secret way to get in there.
There are definitely doors hidden behind bookshelves and such already, so I thought I was missing something.
I think there is something wacky with the mansion layout generation though, because I’ve seen rooms on the first floor with windows to the outside but no doors connecting that room to the rest of the building.


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Secret rooms are a thing, but these have no apparent entrance. So yeah, probably effed up mapgen.

o_o Or maybe it’s just a madhouse.

Well you win the prize for finding…

So it was moved to New England apparently xD

Come get your real fake doors!

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Yet more. This is all the same mansion btw. I think the mansion generator needs a bit more than fine tuning.

That’s the estate from the More Locations mod, and yes it has some wonky mapgen.

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What about these Looney Tunes physics:

Reasons for odd rooms.

  1. Rich people are eccentric.

  2. The owner had a probability CBM and liked their privacy at times.

  3. It is less embarrassing to lock one of your not so stable relatives in a room, and feed them through the window, rather then it being known you have a crazy relative. At least they let them see the outside world some, better then locking them in the basement. (like the rooms with manacles on the floor) Maybe this family was rather extended, and had a history of that sort of thing so had multiple rooms built.

  4. The rooms are not really closed off, your guy is hallucinating, really shoulnd’t have eaten them mushrooms.

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I had actually considered the first and third possibilities.

All mushrooms are Mycus infiltrators or sympathizers and are burned on sight.

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There are occasionally hidden rooms where you need to move a bookcase before you can see the door. They are much easier to find since the addition of map memory though… anyways this is definitely buggy.

I am pretty sure it is mansion from the mod and it is static.

I’ve seen this kind of stuff with other map gens I’ve even seen it with labs and ant hills. I believe it has to do with the fact they are multi map buildings. I had a lab which couldn’t be escaped due to the fact it had a ant hill over it(ant hill removed the stairs and so I had to respawn and reload the world.