Mansions are without toilets

Is this some political joke at aristocrats being full of crap?

Mansions are all around kinda bugged right now. It is fully possible to get 1 mansion that is filled with a variety of rooms including a library, pool table, garden, etc, and then have the next one be completely filled with nothing but leaky dining rooms. I believe the generation algorithm is on the list of things to be looked at right now, but it isn’t exactly too high on the list.

Yeah, my first mansion was nothing but dining rooms. Next had a few pool tables.

Nowadays they typically at least have a pool or a library, so that’s an improvement.

The mansion I’m currently living in has a whopping three toilets, two libraries, two pool rooms, three dining rooms, and some dressing room place with a bunch of heels and jewelry. Woo. At least the entrance had a nice broadsword I’m toting around now in addition to my crossbow.

I once saw a mansion that had a road through it.

Yeah that problem should hopefully be fixed in the latest versions (as well as all of the other problems with roads overwriting parts of buildings).

How late is the latest version? I downloaded the source from github yesterday and compiled in the same day as well.

Here: you can see exactly what changed when in Git.