Less repetitive mansions

how hard would it be to overhaul mansions to be way less repetitive. I feel that options for like locked panic rooms, rooms hidden behind book cases, a garage with sports cars, BDSM room/drug room, bowling alley, ironman style power armor lab, etc would be awesome to stumble across compared to the house made of 6 bathrooms/kitchens/ empty bedrooms.

The mansions are made of 9 sections connected to each other. If many versions of each section are made then it might be as simple as adding it to their respective .json file.

Maybe something underground, just like the houses have, but with a hidden trigger and on a different level. Something about being able to find armories, labs and the sort with mid-to-end game gear. Or just make the hidden trigger ridiculously hard to find/make it not appear 100% of the time/make difficult(but reasonable) requirements for it to work, like a stat check or skill check(example: calling in a perception check while examining a bookcase to find a book or button that opens the way underground.)

Also, some kind of theme for the mansion would be sweet. I would love to barge in a mansion that actually have vampires living in it.

The problem with mansions is that they are hardcoded and can’t be directly ported to json because of “corrections”.
It’s the same problem as with labs: mansions and labs have rooms that are puzzle pieces (jsonable), but the connections between the pieces need hardcoded addition of doors or walls.

It is not trivial to design a “puzzle piece connector interface” for json mapgens. It’s not a hard problem either, but it’s just hard enough to keep the whole thing locked down.

There was someone making awesome mansions in the forum. Wasn’t it egomassive? How did that end up?