Malfunctionning CBMs Removal

A few questions about that mechanic :

  • It seems that the percentage chance of failure is the same for every faulty bionic, is it planned to change it at some point ? For example the leaky bionics should be harder to remove than the Itchy thing .

-Does the pennalty for failed removal scale with the chance of failure ? Because I failed a 35% chance of failure removal and died instantly. (It was on a Frail Broken Cyborg so maybe the effect was just a lot of damage and not really insta-death)

In my experience, damage from failed removals of any bionic tends to be a single random number, possibly based on a percentage of total health, applied to all body parts. For me, it’s been anything from 20% - 80% of total health, but I’ve never seen the exact numbers. I don’t think odds of failure affect the damage, though.

One of the things I’d like to see is failed removal attempts only damaging the parts the bionics are installed on, like Visual Disruptor only damaging the head, or Bionic Claws only damaging the arms.

Cataclysm University - Course 28 - Compact Bionic Modules

I talk about removing CBM’s in the last 4 minutes of the course. From my research the damage is a random number that tops out in the mid 80’s (86 i think). This can kill many characters if you get damage on the high end of that spectrum. It’s compounded by the fact that the hit point bar does not show actual hit points. You can have a ‘full’ bar but be down by nearly 20% health making it a bit of a mystery if you can die during a removal if your not careful. I use the ‘self-aware’ trait during the video to demonstrate.

Thanks for the answers.

So I would like to point out that this mechanic makes the “abandonned challenge” kind of pointless if you’re playing a broken cyborg since at any point in your game you might die instantly from failig to remove a faulty part. I guess you could try to mutate along the cattle or medical path to counteract Frail but that’s annoying and takes time.

So after forgetting about this and playing again I bumped into the same problem and was going to make a new thread but I found that I already made one so I’m just going to continue here.

I looked at the code and found that :

  • The damage are indeed between 30 and 80
  • The failure message has nothing to do with the degree of failure
  • The damage has nothing to do with the percentage chance of failure

What lead me to believe that damage were scaled with chance of failure is the fact that it’s the case for installation

So would it be acceptable to change the removal system so that the damage from failure are consitent with the installation system where easy procedure do less damage when they fail ?

EDIT : 28859 changed that, now uninstall failure is similar to install failure