Making a Fireplace?

I’m new to the game here, and chosen to be a Backpacker in the wilderness situation. It seems great, i have crafted a few items that’s necessary. Even founded out what it seems to be a place where an airplane crashed…

Problem is as far as the map goes i don’t see any city (or is it always like that?). I need to make a fireplace myself so i don’t freeze to dead, and a Brazier needs 2 sheet metals to be made. I make sure that the wreckage has metal sheet or not using stone shovel, but i’m unfortunately not finding anything…

Is there alternative to Brazier? Cuz i definitely needs it before night and i can’t craft because of darkness.

Towns are not a traditional one you would expect. Sometimes an entire city is 4 houses at a cross road. So if you press letter “m” and you see the over head map. This should let you see what you have explored and at the beginning, the known area.

In the future of the game. Perhaps a few years. We are supposedly going to have a more traditional city scape.

As for making a camp fire. Best I usually have to light a bush on fire and hope it doesn’t run amok.

I know about the map.
It’s just as far as i can see in the map. There’s no city or even buildings at all, so i don’t really have any idea where to go.

This game isn’t about specifically going places. You go where you want and explore. The idea is that your character has needs. Meeting those needs is a good thing. After those needs are met you do something to keep occupied or maintain whatever you accomplished.

Pretty much it. We don’t have any “End Game” at present. This topic has been debated for some time now. The idea it would seem most like is trying to rebuild society. All the while having extra dimensional door ways open and being required to close them to help the world come back to a sane level.

Most folks build a vehicle and explore continuously or build a static base and farm. Live as long as you can and restart when you croke.

Ah i see, the only problem i had now then is getting food and seeking place as a temporary camp until i’m prepared enough to walk out the forest. Also probably some clothing.

Don’t really have the luxury for vehicle, also the forest is huge.

I can search bushes and small trees for food if you ‘e’xamine them.

Yep. What you said is actually the game lol

That is the fun of it and when you die. You maybe learned something about the game, enough to not die…for awhile.

You can learn about new characters to play. Some threads discuss these things with noobs.

Try this out for size if you want a slightly easier beginning.

Custom character create–>pool points --> Class= Hand Man --> select whatever negative traits you want and I suggest getting tailoring and fabrication skills. Start game.

You can train hand gun skill (half assed anyway) using your nail gun till you run out. Then toss it. Your multi tool and hammer are great at start. You can crush a metal locker at the shelter and make a few things too.

Ah food problem is fine since i have started a fire and satisfied my stomach with a boiled egg.

Now my problem is getting a liquid container, i have an opened aluminium can that i happen to found in bush. And i’m in a swamp currently, just looking to see if there’s easy way to get container for water.

Boil the water if you can make a fire. Then consume it until you are full up on hydration. After that I think you can randomly find bottles in bushes. Just takes a long time to find. Sometimes not. Boil enough water to fill the container and lug it around. If you are truly no where near a building to garner stuff. You should dump the nails. Because you can always break wooden furniture later to get more nails to shoot.

Surprised that no one commented this, but you can always just dig a pit and put a fire in it. Also, you can build a stone fireplace in the construction menu for 40 stones, which are easily gathered by smashing small boulders with a stone shovel.


I didn’t know you could do that…

If you have More Survival Tools enabled, you can make a simple fire ring with 10 rocks and a shallow pit.

Even if you have the pit clear the adjacent tiles of grass just to be safe. It’s a little tedious but you’ll thank me later when you don’t light yourself on fire boiling water.

Heh. Neat. Thanks for the info folks. I never knew about making a pit.

Ah my first try on Wilderness ended up in failure cuz i don’t have axe to make logs. So i assume i freezed to death.

Second run currently on the night, found a Glass Jar luckily… Also is a Cave safe or what? And the factory, what does it yield sometimes?

There are three kinds of caves in vanilla; Perfectly safe ones (a big mostly, empty room), not so safe ones (big room with a bear or some other predators inside) and rat caves which spoilers have several floors with lots of rats in them. On the bottom floor the rat king lives who will try to turn you into a rat. Good loot can also spawn on the bottom floor spoilers.

Factories are from the more locations mod and are far too dangerous for a new character to visit. They have lots of machines to dissemble into scrap and are full of electric zombies and turrets.