Help with trying to survive in the wilderness

–I’m typically not a player who stays solely in the wilderness a whole bunch. Typically, I always run around cities gathering stuff and on a few occasions will go to the outskirts of forests for some stuff. However I recently made a new world and the place I spawned in is in the middle of nowhere. The character/spawn location I’m using is (I believe) from part of the Ascension mod BTW. I’m an alchemist.
–The Alchemist (That’s literally his name) is having more than a little trouble with resources. In a city you typically can find a bunch of rags gotten from window sheets, but you can’t do that out here. I’m not certain what to do about getting things like that, since after much exploration I have yet to see even the smallest bits of civilization. So far, it’s literally just open plains between massive stretches of forest with a swamp nearby.
–The Alchemist lacks high skills in things like tailoring, survival, and fabrication. (I set city size to 10 so I figured this wouldn’t be a too big of a problem) My matchbook is going to run out quickly, so I need a better way to start fires. As stated, I need rags too. From bones of stupid raccoons that punched to death I have a bone skewer (so I have some minor cooking abilities) and a bone needle. Sinew can be used for with the needle, but I still lack rags. I’m not sure how to go about getting leather, since I can get the hides but I don’t know how to turn them into usable leather. (I don’t typically need to do that)
–I’d welcome any help with survival

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Well, I can be help becose as soon as I enter a city, I die but wilderness is safe…
Basics: start traveling so you can find a water source, travel as much you can for water source (max half a day) and if water not found… Ummm.
You start getting pine, and searching under bushes and maybe find a canvas sack so you can get a swag bag (15l storage), pine is used for getting a shelter… Wait,i will quickly play wilderness so I can get more advice for you
Edit: wait, your world is only wilderness, right?

–No, it’s just total chance that I spawned in the middle of nowhere. The distance from city to city was put at 3 in world gen, and city size is at 10. So ya, pretty unlikely. The spawn location for the scenario I’m using typically puts me a fair distance from a city, but this is the first time a city hasn’t been visible from the starting visible over-map.
–To mention, the Alchemist starting class has a backpack, so I don’t need to worry about storage too much for now. The starting building has no curtains, and the beds are immune to my punch dagger. I also lack the ability to dismantle them.
–Like I said, a swamp is fairly close nearby, I have no clue of the exact size, but I don’t think that strictly matters a whole bunch. And, of course, swamps tend to have lots of water. I was already thinking about starting a little base nearby said swamp for easy access to water.
–An important factor to mention, is that the Alchemist is one of those classes that is in danger of freezing. As in he doesn’t have particularly warm clothing. It is enough to survive (I think) as long as I avoid the extra dangerous animals roaming around. (Like bears)
–I just remembered I can make a simple fire drill, but I forget how. And I’m not certain if I can make one out of such primitive materials.
–I also would like a suggestion as to how to make a very primitive shelter nearby the swamp, just for a bit more security and warmth.

If only suicidal pigs dropped bacons instead of generic meat when slain by the mini bear horde nearby. Luckily said bear horde is plenty far away so I don’t worry too much. Between stupid raccoons and said pigs raw meat isn’t a big problem. Cooked meat is what I need.

In that case you can use heavy sticks to destroy the beds becose bash damage, if not you can use withered plants from under brushes, the big can be butchered for stomach, use pine stuff and withered plants to get a sealed stomach for water, now you can use bunch of rag clothing and water and scavenging (to find and eat wild veggies) and travel unitil you find a city,
You can also make cured, then tanning skin if you find big dead body’s, if you stay there long time, don’t destroy bushes near base cause you won’t have easy “maybe food”, but you can eat meat raw and nothing will happen… (?)
Also stones can be bashed for a pot, a field is a great source of rocks (and danger) so avoid enemy’s at all cost, especially the “C” enemy, it leaps, tracks, make bleed, touch

Okay, thanks for the advice. Once again, however, I need help with the whole ‘starting fires’ situation. Since raw meat tends to be a bad idea to eat. That said, one of the sticks I could probably turn into a digging stick for the (I think it’s called) dahlia to eat. It won’t be as good without being cooked, but if need be I can. At least in the case of food that’ll work. But I still need to boil water. Also, how do you make cured then tanning skin? I’ve done it once before, but it’s typically not something I need to do in the first place.

Make the fire drill, get some sticks, use a knife (or make one and) to cut yourself some splintered wood, then bunch some undergrads for withered plant and you have all needed for a fire drill, if it’s not avaliable use “weapons” and craft something from sticks unitil you gain skill (2 survival)

Hide can be cured whit salt water, then you need tanning that is: a pot, knife, salt water, cured hide(or belt, belt has fur and can be turned into hide anytime instantly) pine bought or tanning bark from oak trees, then you let it sit for ??hours

Also sealed stomach (6l waterproof resealable) requires 1survival,knife, fire, pine pought, sinew or plant treath(crafted from withered plant) and water

The shelter can be a fox hole if you use mods but if not the best bet is pine shelter from construction menu, and that’s really all for temporary shelters

I think my punch dagger counts as a knife effectively. After all, it does have ‘dagger’ in the name.What do you mean by ‘undergrads’ though? Sticks are annoying to get, but certainly not undoable. I think I can make a stone pot if I gather enough too, but then again I might also need higher survival skills. Sheesh, wilderness survival is so much more confusing in involved, at least it seems to be anyway. I only need a very temporary shelter for the moment, not something super great. Just something to help with rain and cold mostly. Until get warmer clothing. My mouth and head feel like a popsicle, and some other parts less so.

Yeah, dagger is a knife, and undergrads are undergrass, the stuff you can scavange

I consider sticks easy, all you have to do is bash young trees, then craft for skill and abondon the crafted if it’s usutles, it’s not nearly as hard as getting calcium and farming

Well, like I said, sticks are annoying to get. They aren’t super hard to get or anything, but they are a little bit of a pain. However, the fact that they can be kicked off small trees is news to me. So that should make things a bit easier. Thanks for all the good info you’ve given so far. I just need to implement it into my gameplay once I get back on. I believe to scavenge certain items from bushes you 'e’xamine them right? Not actually kicking them? Or maybe it’s a mixture, I dunno.

“e” can be used on bunch of things, from closed curtains windows to collecting the darn plums from trees,
e: underbush-scavange and maybe find trash(valuable in only wilderness) food or othera
s: smash stuff, smash underbush for withered plant,

Also how the heck did you get sticks whitout young trees? Only from windows whit curtains or…

Sticks can just be found randomly near and around forests, and are more common in the denser parts of them. (at least as far as I can tell) The biggest danger of walking around the forest searching for them is that forests are dense and limit your eyesight, and thus it’s really easy to run into the occasion spider nest or a bunch of giant bees. Luckily, thus far I’ve managed to avoid such terrible events.

Also underbush recover from scavanging

Do you know if cattails are edible in any way? Also, I need something to store water to make the sealed stomach itself.

You can eat them raw, though it’s not satisfying. One of the two parts can be crafted into starch and flour to make breads.

I managed to make a pine lean-to. It seems that it provides warmth in a 3X3 radius around it from short observation, can anyone verify that?
OOOO! Well hello there Mr. Crashed helicopter? Is that some nice, warm gear I see? Don’t mind if I do!
Question, what exactly will happen if I drink non-boiled water.

Depending on the source you have a chance of getting sick or a parasite. Unless you have the gear and skills to make something to deal with parasites (certain teas or oils) then you should avoid it as much as possible.

Rainwater has the lowest chance of giving you something, I think other sources are pretty much equal, but I think swamp probably has lower.