Makeshift canister weapons misfiring?

I’ve been encountering a possible bug where makeshift canister weapons such as emp grenades, dynamite, anti-fungal grenades and so on can be armed, thrown - and then just sit there armed for an indefinite period of time.

I’ve never actually seen one go off after it bugs out like this, it’ll sit there for several minutes at a minimum without detonating - but they WILL generally detonate if I move far enough to unload and reload the reality bubble where they are sitting. In this case I’ll usually return to find that the device detonated while I was away. I’m guessing it detonates seconds after being reloaded into the bubble.

At first I though that this might be an intentional fault behavior of makeshift explosive devices, but it seems to happen too often (~50%), and they only ever seem to explode if I do the unload/reload reality bubble thing, which sounds much more like a bug than an intentional ‘fault’ mode for the weapons.

It’s a known bug, it’s up on the tracker. Probably has to do with the active item cache. As a workaround, save and exit, then reload, it should go off then.