Explosives not exploding unless they are wielded

Explosives (at least, dynamite and normal grenade) are stuck in fusing delay forever. They explode only in your hands, for some reason. Took dynamite. Lit it. Tossed it to a wall. Started to wait for explosion. It didn’t happen. Went asleep for 6 hours. Checked on dynamite - still (active) (lit). Picked it up. Boom - my char is dead. GG.

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That’s solid Wile E. Coyote material there.


I’m having the same issue (note: I’m using the Google play android version)

Same problem, but i noticed that if i reload the game, or get far away enough like one overmao tile, and then get back, it counts down as intended

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Same bug as this.

Active Item processing - https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/issues/33187

and https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/issues/32936

This one still isn’t fixed? It’s been around for months and it’s a pretty serious one, in that it can result in some fairly non-intiutive career-ending mistakes.

I tried to take a look at it today, but its so frustrating, I was throwing grenades for ages and couldnt get the bug to trigger.

Then I bet somebody a week later will mention it on the discord or here or on reddit or log a new issue.

Then somebody will investigate it and not be able to reproduce it again.

These are the worst sort of bugs, the ones where you cant even narrow down whats wrong.

I feel it man. I’ve been in game dev for 30 years, and those bugs that you just can’t get to rep in normal situations are the worst.

Everyone loathes the Heisenbug. :angry:

And you know what makes it even worse? when you reload the save, the grenade / w.e starts ticking down again, reloading fixes it temporarily.

So if someone were to provide a savegame on a bug report, the moment I load it up, I fix the bug im hunting for !!! lol


Is there any way to revert time or something like that in CDDA? Last time was actually from my friends’ session, not mine; I could still drop the file if he could retrieve and send it. Or permadeath physically wipes out your save without any, even debug, way to revert it?

Nah theres no point, like I said , even if you gave me the save, I couldnt use it to diagnose what causes the bug, because the act of even loading a savegame, fixes the bug automatically for that save!

But yes, when you die, your save is deleted anyway.