Major .9 features?

‘ignore’ is mispelt as ‘isnore’ in the changelog (I assume)

When can we expect to be able to hook those car batteries up to our nipples? You know, to really take advantage of the masochist trait.

“Shia’s back.”

that is from the changelog. Who is shia and when did this thing leave?

[quote=“youtoo, post:23, topic:3783”]Who is shia and when did this thing leave?[/quote]There was a monster/NPC named “Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf” in earlier releases of the game. He was rather crash-prone for some, and so he was removed for the game (until now, apparently).

There was some crashiness when he was first added, but the reason for his removal was DW deciding the joke had run its course.
I disagree, ACSL will never stop being funny :smiley:

I cannot recall the exact reason I removed him, in any case I approve his return.

darklingwolf siting. have not seen a post from you since the beginning of the year.

how come shia lebouf is our only celebrity? considering that we are in boston, how come we dont get more boston celebrities? such as tom brady? given how bill belechik acts, would it be hard to believe him as a cannabal in the apocalypse?

Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf isn’t something that whoever put it in pulled out of thin air, actually.

It is a meme, albeit generally not spammed on message boards these days.

Been busy with Uni work 'n shit.

Ohhh… I’ve always wanted to meet DW.

please let the Murray walk

And with the last batch of bugfixes, it appears that 0.9 is going to make at least a weekend release!

All the milestones for 0.9 have been reached, more bugs have been squashed, and doesn’t look like there’s anything that breaks the game utterly at the moment. It’s up to kevin, of course, who may have found something release blocking and thus may have to delay the release, but it’s looking real good at the moment.

I really want to let this guy simmer a bit, so basically what we have now is a Release Candidate for 0.9 (official announcement of that tonight probably), we’d like people to beat on it a bit and see if they can find any critical bugs, and give the translators time to catch up and get their translations included in the official release. Meanwhile we can sort out more minor bugs and get some polish on this sucker.

Also I have a business trip Sunday-Tuesday, so a release this weekend woud be very bad timing for me >_<

Nice. The feature I like the most is hoods. :3

All I’m gonna say is thank you all so very much, for all of your hard work and dedications.

…and here’s to hopefully seeing multi tile monsters.

please include Hrose’s tileset