Magiclysm: A Total Fantasy Overhaul

they should roughly follow you, but i didn’t design any special ai for them.

yeah, kinda hard to make them follow you, you have to bring the enemy to your army of minions, a thing i noticed is that they wreck everything too to follow you, like cars and doors

I haven’t tried your mod (yet, but I will!) so I don’t know exactly how summons are set up but maybe you could borrow the pet code for their AI? Dogs at least will follow you pretty closely and don’t bash anything, dunno if that would work but I thought it was worth at least suggesting.

“Kill it with fire!”

Fire-immune demon spider: Where is your god now?

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He is just taking inspiration from Australia :grin:

“Transcendance of the Human Condition” might be bugged, as I can’t learn spells from the book as a would-be wizard (with schizophrenia, if that could have some hidden effects), I only have animist rune (had animist rune with technomancer too, strangely enough), the book is grey/white, and says I have already learned every spell, this is on the july 14th build.

what are your classes? because if you have animist rune that means you’re an animist, which conflicts with the magus requirement for learning from that book. i’ve been getting a lot of questions about my handling of this stuff so i’m going to need to adjust how it’s displayed to the player.

Right now my character is the “Would-be wizard” with what appears to be a glitched animist trait which stays between characters no matter the class, the class shouldn’t really start with spells in the first place. (Especially since my technomancer had animist too) The book in particular is “Transcendance of the Human Condition”- it’s grayed out, saying I’ve learned every spell, I can’t even “train” the spells, while my character only has animist as their only spell

I made an issue already for the runes in github, if you have the rune you have the corresponding trait too, so since you have animist rune, you have animist trait too, canceling the magus i guess

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That’s the problem I’m not really supposed to have the spell or trait, especially with a technomancer and would-be wizard, it just seems like having it preset to apprentice (what is now necromancer) has broken it and placed my character as a permanent animist

I have the same issue but I keep getting stormshaper’s rune when playing a would be wizard. It’s an easy fix on my end since once you debug away the stormshaper mutation the rune goes with it and then I was able to learn Kelvenist magic and it’s rune instead. Still have no idea what these runes are for though.

I also never got the book QuietCoyote did so unsure what the cause really is.

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The only way to stop having more than 1 rune(and the corresponding trait) is to select the profession from the “custom character” option, not from a saved preset, or selecting one profession and then changing your mind and select another one (in this case you would need to exit the creation menu and reenter)

As a side note, has anyone tried to contact KorGgenT on discord about this?

Well that barely seems like a feature and more like a bug

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i’m aware of the bug, i just haven’t tracked it down yet. there’s already an issue up on the github.

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update: this will fix the weird trait thing.

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Not trying to hark on your work, I like the fact that you’ve managed to add a whole new dimension to the game, and without a plethora of bugs and many other game ruining effects

wait, what new dimension :O?, did he add dungeons already?

Like endgame being either deathmobile, gun nut, cbms, mutations, followers, (and now magic) that sort of dimensions

Will each spell ever get a graphical representation?

How do I manually update deadpeople tileset. I need to see how owlbear looks like. They have been tearing me apart.

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