What are some good places to recruit new mea-er, settlers?

I’m looking to expand my base from just two slaves I borrowed from a raider camp but I don’t know where to really look besides waiting around for random NPCs. Do mercenaries count as faction population? or do they just act as bodyguards?

Bandit apartment towers, the last time I poked around one of those the basement was full of captive NPCs. I ended up recruiting and mutanting them into my own Xmen squad, I’ll warn you in advance though, go very prepared, I still rate the tower itself the single deadliest location I’ve ever explored.


The towers are pretty bad, but the National Guard Camp is way worse.

In the base game, I think the refugee center beggars are recruitable now? One reliable source of warm bodies is that prototype cyborgs can be rescued and recruited, and labs usually have one or two, sometimes three or four. You’ll want to remove at least the leaky bionic (tanks their health and healing rate) and noisemaker (keeps them and others nearby awake with noise) though, which is like four hours of autodoc surgery.

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Is that from a mod? I’ve found broken cyborgs, but never a prototype cyborg. And all the broken cyborgs are hostile.

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Is the national guard camp part of a mod? I’ve never actually found one.

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Yes, you need to use the “Beta National Guard Camp” mod. That place is probably the most dangerous place out of any location I’ve seen.

Ah, I thought so. I’ve always been leary since IIRC the description says it’s unfinished, I didn’t realise it was the only way to get the national guard camp at all though. I thought the mod was a rework and there was a base verson that’s just rare like the vault.

Definitely apartment towers, even with a zero speech character (and especially my lazy ass not wanting to talk to everyone) can usually net you about 7 (in my case) npcs. Usually the ones that are survivors towers too, with signs outside of the main entrance

Are these bandit apartment towers towers in the base game, or do they require one of the mods to be added in?

No idea tbh. (20 characters)

By zero speech do you mean level 0 speech level or does it also work for people with mutated traits?
Cause I started off with growling voice and hooves

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They are just like the slaves, you rescue em and they join you automatically.

Bandit towers are from the more locations mod.


Prototype cyborgs are in the base game in recent experimentals. They’re hostile too, and like the broken cyborgs, they can be deactivated after being hit with a scrambler grenade or control laptop, but unlike the broken cyborgs, prototype cyborgs are still alive and if you carry them to an autodoc you can remove the malfunctioning bionics and turn them into NPC companions.


Ah, that’s cool. Thanks, I’ll keep my eyes open for them.