M.A.G. Armory Mod (v.2.0 beta) WIP

I’m pleased to announce that I have finally achieved the v2.0-beta version of my mod (WIP).

Mark Awkward Guns (still working on the name so suggestions is very welcome) is a mod that initially I developed just to add some guns and ammunition that was missing in the game. But I decided to create my own guns and ammunition based in real life ones.

This mod is just for fun and may or may not be balanced. (I tried my best to balance they) but don’t let that discourage you from test it. (Also I’m thinking about splitting the mod into real world guns and my fictional guns)

List of guns and ammunition added

  • added the IMI Desert eagle Mark XIX .50AE
  • added the AMT AutoMag V (in .50AE)
  • added the Beretta 93R
  • added the Anzio 20mm rifle (in 20x102mm Vulcan)
  • added the .50 Action Express Round
  • added the 20x102mm AP
  • added the 20x102mm HEI

(That 20mm is Mostly a joke because you never would need that much firepower. But to balance it have a very slight chance of spawning)

M.A.G. issued guns and ammo

  • M.A.G. Mk51 ‘Earthquake’ (“Battle” Revolver)

  • M.A.G Mk46 ‘Tsunami’ PGL (Pump-action Grenade Launcher)

  • M.A.G. Mk07 ‘Blackout’ (Assault Rifle)

  • M.A.G. Mk20 ‘Sandstorm’ (“Offensive” Pistol)

  • M.A.G. Mk77 ‘Thunderbolt’ (Sniper Weapon System)

  • M.A.G. Mk500 ‘Vulcan’ (General-purpose Machine Gun)

  • 11.2x55mm-M1 JFN

  • 11.2x55mm-M2 FMJ

  • 11.2x55mm-M3 AP

  • 11.2x55mm-M4 Breach

  • 7.62x40mm-M1 JSP

  • 7.62x40mm-M2 FMJ

  • 7.62x40mm-M3 Tracer

  • 7.62x40mm-M4 AP

  • 7.62x73mm-M1 JSP

  • 7.62x73mm-M2 FMJ

  • 7.62x73mm-M3 Tracer

  • 7.62x73mm-M4 AP

  • 7.62x73mm-M1 SAPHEI

1- This mod is still on WIP. That means that anything may or may not change or be removed and added eventually.
2- I only test it on O.E (Ellison) stable. Please let me know of any errors that may occur on O.F (Frank).
3- I really don’t know how to use github. So the mod will be uploaded zip’ed.

Link: Click Here to Download.

Please let me know what you have think about this mod and how I can improve. Thank you.