Shocker defense

Is there any sort of armour that defends against shocker zombies’ (and shocker brutes’) lightning attack? That seems like the sort of thing that normal armour wouldn’t effect, but there’s no armour category like there is for fire and acid. Does it fall under environmental protection, or is there no way to defend against it?

Power armor, farraday shark armor, and dielectric capacitance CBMs are all effective against lightning attacks.

There should be insulated metal weapons.

Yeah, like metal crowbar’s handle wrapped in rubber hose.

Yeah, I don’t know why they’re not even implemented. I still get frustrated with metal-shod staves.

ANBC/Hazmat suit and RM13 armor have electric protection as well.

I think they only works when charged and activated.

Just deal with it. It seems to add as a challenge not to use overpowered metal weapons against electric mobs.

There are better ways to increase challenge without sacrificing realism.


… Yeah right. It’s true, buddy.

Adding these as an item is probably the best bet since weapon add ons seem to be a non starter.

They could be found in the power stations.

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I think my RM13 resists some shock even when off, but not as much as when it is on.

Well… I am wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

I use car armor. Just drive a car into them!

perhaps a shield specialized in resisting electricity could be added, such as a shield covered with plastic or other insulating material, or having a metal plate that conducts electrical shock to a battery integrated into it (in short, a shield that absorbs electric discharge), you could even make the electricity absorbed recharge the battery or the integrated UPS and since they are 100% charged you can remove it or it would have an overload and could have several negative states, such as: the battery it becomes useless and can not be repaired / the shield suffers damage / you receive a varied electric shock / you can be lucky and nothing happens / among other states that occur to you, well that would be my point of view

or you could make an armor that repels a little more damage of any kind, something less than the power armor, it could be something difficult to build
could use plutonium cells, a portal generator, spiral stone, it could even need artifacts, so that its construction is somewhat complicated

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Not sure if it’s already been implemented, but having insulated gloves when hitting an electric enemy with a conductive weapon should prevent shock.

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