Lots of recipes and other actions which seem as though they should train proficiencies, but do not

I’ve been noticing there are lots of things that should probably train proficiencies, but do not. So here are some examples:

  • Dissecting flesh raptors and all the other *aptors does not train Creatures of Flight, even though these are flying creatures

  • Tons of food recipes that do not train Food Handling, way too many to list. But something as simple as Toast trains Food Handling while more complicated recipes do not train any proficiencies.

  • Many breads do not train Principles of Baking or Breadmaking: sourdough bread, brioche, brownies, cornbread, johnnycake…

  • Desserts which do not train Dessert Baking: brownies, space cake

  • Nothing in the “Dry” Food tab trains Curing and Drying.

I’ll continue to update if I notice any more examples

Joint Articulation has a similar issue. It’s so inconsistent with what trains it and what doesn’t. Practicing it requires light gloves, but only like half of the glove recipes train it. I don’t know enough about tailoring IRL to say what should but it’s just odd in general.

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It’s still a very new system, so inconsistencies are to be expected. Thank you for sharing your find!