C:DDA Development Blog June 17th, 2020

I have created another blog, for those of you who want a little more in-depth explanation of the dev process.


4:00 - funny thing is, I thought it was meant to work this way from the start, and the unordered list was a bug because it was unordered but still had correct depth-indentations.
As I understand it, it hadn’t been rolled out yet, right? Just want to know if I should retract a recent bug report if it’s going to be fixed anyway.

Regarding illiteracy that would still allow for learning from books. It made me think…certain manuals are pretty darn accurate for pictorial teaching. I’ve read a few books for wilderness survival that get accurate enough that a person may learn from the pictures without feeling dumb. Some books really do a great job visually. Construction books like DIY stuff around the house too. But maybe for the illiteracy trait, certain tomes will impart visual information to allow X amount of recipes to be crafted/learned. On a per book instance.

Book A= 30 recipes to learn from and to raise a level via reading. While skills cannot raise from such a book for those who cannot read. Someone could look through it and find a few recipes to craft from pictures. 5 out of 30 for example.

but that’s the exception, not the rule.

@GiggleGrassGatherer yes it was supposed to be ordered by parent from the start but it was out of order so i fixed it.