Exploring Cities crash

Over the last few games of the experimental I’v noticed a crash to desktop when I explore new tiles inside a city. If I take a brand new character on day one and run through a city, it doesn’t crash, but after about a week or so has passed It becomes a gamble to reveal city tiles. Over the last 5 games this crash terminated the runs on all but one. I’m not sure If it IS just city tiles ,exploration in particuler, or the game loading some item or monster that doesn’t work; but on one character I stayed in the starting reveal area for an entire season and never crashed. Only when that character got into a car and started driving to the next city over, and got to the first house on its outskirts did it crash. World gen option are defualt exept city size set to 5 and season length set to 30.
World gen mods used are: Deadleave’s fictional guns, Folding parts pack, Icecoons weapons pack, More survival tools, No Joke Monsters, and Tanks and other vehicles.

using experimental v. cef80ab windows graphical

I started having crashes on experimentals, too, for the first time, about 4 weeks ago. I haven’t even played in a while either, partly due to the damn crashes. I tried to attribute it to burning buildings, failing roof collapse (since I only play Really Bad Day starts which involve a burning building), but it’s anyone’s guess what causes the crashing. The game doesn’t create a log or anything either. FWIW, the only mods in common that I have to the above are No Joke Monsters and Tanks.

The second suspect that I have is the map generation logic. It’s been a PITA for others too, ruining scenario starts. Once I had a refugee center that was partly replaced by swamp terrain. (Also, in another gameplay video I saw the refugee center being partially replaced with crater). The refugee center merchant character was physically accessible from the swamp side, and he died a few moments later after being attacked by some critters. Put up a good fight, though. I mean, stuff like that… One would think that first the terrain is created, then come the buildings, replacing the terrain. Remove lava streams from cities… What is the map generation logic anyway? What’s the big picture?

I can’t even remember what the Windows crash error message was. Application has crashed yada yada?

I would love to know if anyone has a completely crash-free Cata experience, and what the recipe/setup for that is!

I acually have never had a crash on the 0.C stable, BeerBeer. In regards to the rest of your reply, I’v seen alot of that stuff too. It might be time for me to just download the stable as well as the Ex so I can have a nice long play character.

Think I’ll wait for this to get sorted before I jump back in