Long range bullet "incoming motion"?

You know, I also consider other thing on this game, I wonder if those long range “bullet” like rocket or something can have a “incoming motion” which means, it can pause after few turn, and continue flying on next turn then stop again, till it hiting something,

because those rocket launcher or something weapon has very big long range, like… 40 or 50? anyway, don’t anyone think those rocket can fly allover the sceen, and you simply can’t do anything, which is little stupid and no sense? I mean in the real life, you won’t just stand there and watch the rocket come at you or the target, don’t you? It should be make a little time to avoid, right?

Turn lasts 6 seconds, which is more than enough for the rocket to cover those 50 tiles.

As Coolthulhu said…yeah. Now if ranges were more plausible for guns such that you’d actually be shot at with a rocket from a greater distance, this might be worth experimenting with.

but even if after 6 seconds the game pauses and u can see the projectile in midflight it dont mean you should be able to react to it tbh.

Unless you a very very long way away from the projectile and its still got a very very long way to go to get to you.

I mean how fast do these projectiles normaly travel?

The first speed column is the most informative, multiply it by 6 and you have roughly the number of squares a projectile will cover in one turn.
Pertinent values:
Club (thrown by expert) 240meters, or 2x the width of the reality bubble.
Blunt Impact Projectile shot from a 40mm grenade launcher (i.e. designed to fly slowly, the slowest explosive propelant based projectile) 520meters, or 4x the width of the reality bubble.
9×19 mm (bullet of a pistol) 2040 meters

In other words, it’s not even a close thing, I’m thinking about changing the duration of a turn to be 1 second instead of 6 seconds, and even then you wouldn’t see projectiles still in flight when your next turn comes up.

And to use the RPG-7 rocket as an example…um…lemme see if I can find it.

The booster consists of a "small strip powder charge" that serves to propel the grenade out of the launcher; the sustainer motor then ignites and propels the grenade for the next few seconds, giving it a top speed of 294 meters per second, making it subsonic.

Now…what are we assuming a tile works out to, anyway? A square meter?

rockets are slow but even if you are fast enought to react to it you will barely manage to do 1 step before getting hit by explosion anyway (just not direct hit but still lethal as direct hit)

maybe its possible to dodge rocket when its aimed directly at you and there is no wall or something where rocket can impact if misses
with time dialation it may be possible to dodge rocket at ease but bullets are too hard to see to actualy try to dodge (even tracer ones, you must be few kilometers away to actualy have chance to even think about taking cover)

in arma 2 i mamaged to dodge hydra rocket from something 2000 km while i was driving car at 80 km/h but car was still damaged by explosion

Yeah, it’s not a perfect assumption, obviously (due to things like hulks, or things like cars), but for just a general use assuming each tile is approximately 1 meter x 1 meter is usually a pretty good assumption.