Long range projectiles cause bled is way too often

So, I know the projectile from long range weapon can cause bled for now, but somehow it just dosn’t feel right,

such as, the stone should not has that much power to cause you bled to dead, it just dosn’t feel right, stone a suppost to be a blunt projectile, even it can cause bled it shouldn’t as efficiency as than bullets,

also, I just got shot by the riot turret, and getting bled too, why? wasn’t the riot turret suppost to useing non-lethal bullet in order to prevent killing people?

projectile stystem are completely mass up right now, we gonna need to add some new stystem in order to differentiate the type for the projectiles, I just can’t stop getting bleed out in a god damn secs.

I don’t mean disrespect, but If we wanna make the game more realistic, we can at least acting like it.

Blunt objects cause a laceration/tearing of the skin with uneven edges to the wound. The blood will be bright red and spurting (artery) or dark red and flowing (vein), depending on whether an artery or vein has been damaged.’ Not all stones are round and the strenght in how it was thrown contributes too of course.
Second, that’s a turret lol. The 49x46mm M1006 sponge can still kill. ‘A low velocity less-lethal 40x46mm round with a foam and plastic projectile intended to cause pain and disorientation to the target. May still injure or kill.’

but that dosn’t mean the plastic projectile are suppost to acting like real bullets to make people bleed, that’s what I try to explain about, it shouln’t making people bled so bad, that’s the point.

40x46mm M212 casing

item disassembly: 1
Volume: 0.055 L Weight: 0.11 lbs /0.05 kg
Bash: 0 Cut: 0 To-hit bonus: +0
Moves per attack: 66
Damage per move: 0.00
Materials: [Steel] (Materials - Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead)
Can be obtained when disassembling: 40x46mm M1006 sponge,

Besides that, I dont know how ya wont think that a turret shot can’t make ya bleed or cant hit an artery or two. I’d like to imagine that when it hit yer body, it’s possible that the flesh can burst unless ya have a steel skin or smth lol. Again it’s a turret. But yeah I don’t know what’s its fire power but if its the same with other turret’s power then yeah.


cause pain and disorientation dosn’t mean it can make you bleeding, as you said, it’s a A low velocity less-lethal bullet, even it does kills you, it shouldn’t acting like a real bullet can simply making you bled, that’s all matters, it shouldn’t be strong enough to cut the fresh open,

seriously, anything making you bled, even a single rock.

Since its seems like functioning as a bullet that can rip through yer flesh in game. ‘It is to be understood by the operator that the potential of this cartridge causing lethal trauma does exist if incorrectly employed. (This fact must be constantly in the operators mind, that incorrect employment of the M1006 can cause lethal trauma.)’ - GlobalSecurity.org
Considering also that’s no one is operating the turret and its made for right before an apocalypse with aliens and sht, I think its right to think that some people or the police in game can tweak the AIs in those turrets as last resort. Anyways that maybe far stretched but yeah. Either way it was never been a problem to me, the bleeding from them.

There was no riot at the end of the day, only endless killing…This may explain why blast turrets use lethal bullets.
But in fact, the bleeding should be judged according to the clothes you wear. In reality, if you wear a bullet proof vest on your body, let alone 7.62 * 54, even the .50AP can provide effective protection. Therefore, the non lethal ammunition such as stones should not cause bleeding or even any damage, and the armor should not be damaged.


in the turret description:
“a new semi-autonomous device that could fire less-lethal rounds with far more accuracy than a human, ensuring safer hits against a target’s limbs. They were quickly adopted by prisons and inner city police forces, where they demonstrated that ‘less lethal’ is not the same as ‘non-lethal’.”

you don’t need a sharp object to break the skin of something either. any bare skin hit with enough force that isn’t armored will bleed