How does time work in this game

This confuses me, there is talk about turns, and moves, and all of this stuff, and I aim a bow and cancel aiming only to have zombies move an entire football field and attack me 8 times, while it only says it takes 170 moves to attack with, this makes no sense, I also don’t know if enemies move at the same time as me, or if its a turn based kinda thing, pls help

My apologies, that’s the melee attack time for the bow, but the aim speed is only 97!!

100 moves = 1 turn.

1 turn = (Im not really sure how long in seconds. But no longer than 10ish.)

Anything under 100 moves, or 1 turn. Is a partial turn.

For example, if the move cost to wield a bat is 90 moves. And the move cost for an approaching foe is 100 moves. You (In most cases, from my own experience.) can wield said bat before the foe has a chance to approach fully.

Oh and enemy’s have a set speed for each. After years of playing I still have a shaky understanding of the speed system at best. But if you use ‘x’ to look at an enemy. Then it shall tell you whether said foe is faster than you or not.

in your particular case you might be retrieving an arrow, nocking it, then putting it back, all of which can add up quite a lot, especially if the arrow is being retrieved from a nested container and then placed back in it afterwards.

Basically everything you are going to be manipulating in combat needs to be in a container you are wearing directly, and ideally one designed for quick access like a quiver or holster.

Thank you, I can see now that the whole system is kind a blurry and hard to understand to everyone, thanks for the quick and dirty run down though!

It might have also been because of some debuffs I had at the time

1 turn = 1 second = 100 moves.
System is not blurry, it just takes a lot into consideration.

Moves for example are there to account for parts of a second and it helps to manage different speeds of monsters and other things.

At the end of the day it’s less of a typical “turn system” but rather a kind of “stop time system” where everything happens simultaneously and time measurement governs what goes first and when.

If you’re ever having trouble just try to picture it in real life. How long do you think it would take for you to:
Take off your backpack.
Hold it and look for the pocket to grab a knife.
Pull it out.
Put your backpack back on.

The thing with nested containers is that it’s like that, but imagine adding steps like finding a tupperware container and pulling out a handful of food out with it, that’s a couple steps added right there.

The 100 moves to 1 second is accurate, but you should realize that pulling ammo out of a container and reloading a weapon takes quite a bit of time to do when you put it in a perspective like that, compared to:
Pulling a arrow out of a quiver strapped to your back.
Nocking and aiming.
Releasing the string when you want.

In any case, that’s why I think Quick, Fleet-Footed/road runner and synaptic acceleration CBM (really any passive speed enhancing traits) are king in this game.

As mentioned, the bottom level of time is the tick (10 ms, as 100 of those add up to a turn, which is one second). Some time in the past a turn was 6 seconds, and there may still be references to that time on the forum and parts of the code.

You typically can’t do more than one action in a turn, but the tick accounting carries time used over to the next turn so you may e.g. be able to do something 3 out of every 4 turns (like slow zombies that approach you seemingly stopping to take a breath regularly). However, the game UI doesn’t work directly in turns, but in player actions, so if you do something that takes a long time (like dropping 100 rags at 100 ticks each) you don’t press a [continue] button 100 times, but rather have those 100 turns happen in rapid succession (which, in some [past?] buggy cases, can lead to you getting clobbered to death while calmly proceeding with something mundane: the game should give you warnings and prompts to allow you to break off your activity, which [almost?] always works).

If you’re aiming a bow at a zombie with maximum aim, that zombie will spend several turns moving towards you before the arrow is finally released.

Also note that there are zombies that move very quickly, covering several tiles per turn, plus ones that jump quite a lot of tiles in a single turn.

1 turn= 1 second.
Your speed is the amount of movement points you get per turn.

1 turn= 1 sec essentially

1 turn= 1 second, 60 seconds= 1 minute, 60 minutes= 1 hour, 24 hours= 1 day. The default length of seasons and 1 year are the same as real life. But you can make seasons last longer or shorter by changing the world settings and thus also make a year longer or shorter than in real life. You can also make one season last for eternety.