Live capture of wild animals

Is it only possible to use the Pet Carrier, Animal Locker and Livestock Carrier on animals that are already tame? I think it would be both cool and useful if you could trap and relocate animals that are suitably vulnerable (stunned or tangled in a net, for example).

It may just be me but I find tamed animals to be really annoying to deal with. They always want to escape to follow you so you can’t just let them roam free. Wild animals, on the other hand, stay on the other side of the pen from you so you can just chase them into a corner while you collect the manure, eggs or whatever.

You can catch hostile animals (and monsters of the appropriate size) too, although I think it is harder to capture them than if they were tame.

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Really? Cool. After failing a bunch of times with the pet carrier and a brown chick I assumed it was friendly only.

No, you can catch untamed animals. It works at least with chickens and cats, and I guess with everything else too, as long as you can position them/you so you can make multiple attempts.