List of little bugs

Version 0.A-2216.

  1. Marble is a pebble-type ammunition (like pebble and bearings, correctly located in Ammo -> Other), but for some reason it is located in Other -> Containers category.
  2. Even with “No survivor armor” mod it is still possible to craft sleeveless survivor armor.

Can confirm first bug.

Confirming second as well, that mod’s blocklist is missing “sleeveless_trenchcoat_survivor” entry.

I think there’s no need in creating another thread for these little oversights, so I continue here.
3) Underslung shotgun, while technically being a ranged weapon, cannot fire by itself, so it must be in “Weapons -> Mods” category, not in “Weapons -> Ranged”, as for now.
4) When you’re picking up batteries, the text is “You pick up: x batterys”.

  1. Salt and sugar is in Food -> Drinks category. Though it’s obvious that they are made from salt water and sweet water, respectively, they are definitely not drinks. I think their place is in Food -> Other.
  2. My suggestions about food categories.
    Sweet water; sweet beet syrup - to Food -> Drinks;
    broth; deluxe vegetarian beans and rice; beans and rice; vegetarian baked beans; cooked beans; cooked rice; fried rice - to Food -> Veggi;
    granola - to Food -> Snack;
    baked beans; deluxe beans and rice; meat fried rice; cooked burrito; cooked TV dinner - to Food -> Meat;
    fried morel mushroom; dried mushroom - to Food -> Other

Attempting to craft on-board chemistry lab. Recipe does not recognize the existence of my welding goggles if I happen to be wearing them.

DDA’s version of granola isn’t exactly a snack. It’s essentially a vegetarian pemmican. It would look strange among snacks that are mostly low nutrition junk food consumed for taste alone.
Sweet beet syrup is very thick, pretty much inedible alone. I’d say it should be in the same category as sugar and/or honey, since they fill the same role (sweetening food).
Broth is more of a base for soup than soup itself. I’d say it fits in other as it is a component more than ready food (even though it’s nutritious by itself).

As for other miscategorizations - I’ll write a PR for them now.

As for “batterys” - I think it’s a result of current system that’s rather “hacky” in places. Battery item definition does have a proper plural name, it’s not used for some reason.

Honestly, I haven’t taste beet syrup in my life, but I made an anology with coffee syrup, located in Food → Drinks, which I consider being more a sauce than a drink. But if I’m wrong, it’s okay for beet syrup to stay where it’s now.

Well, I’d see coffee syrup in “other” too. Eating it “raw” is a bit of a waste now.
There’s a lot of miscategorization going on right now, so it’s easy for everyone to have a different idea where things should be. I sent a PR with some recategorizations, but it might not be accepted if devs have different ideas about things.

Here’s what I changed:
Veggi beans and beans&rice (both deluxe and normal) -> veggi
Sugar and sweet water get swapped categories - it was probably just an error
Shrooms to other - morel shrooms don’t even have “veggy” material, other shrooms do, but I’d say in this case it still makes more sense for them all to go to other

I didn’t touch the meat versions of rice, beans and rice&beans, because they’re not carnivore-friendly, unlike most of the “meat” menu. Also left burrito and TV dinner alone, because they’re mostly junk food.

I think the “wheat” tag for food items, and “wheat allergy”, should be listed as “grain” products and “grain allergy”, respectively. That or make oatmeal not wheat, as it is oatmeal, not wheatmeal. There’s some other weird shenanigans going on where buckwheat is safe as it’s tagged plant matter, but grind it up and suddenly it’s a “wheat” tagged flour and becomes bad for eating. But then fry up some johnnycakes and the wheat miraculously becomes safe-to-eat “plant matter” again.

I realize there is some balance needed to ensure enough items exist in the category for the flaw to be noteworthy, but I’m sure something can be worked out. As-is, it feels a bit like cheating keeping all my flour so I can cook wheat products not legally listed as bad for my character, when really, I should be looking for cornmeal or oats to replace that. Or just sobbing that no, I will never be enjoying some products, and getting on with a wheatless life as intended by the trait.

Version 795e063.
7) When trying to cut up some leather thing, the text is “Salvaged x leather patchs”.
8) When putting casings somewhere, the text it “You put your x casingss in…”

First, “grains” don’t trigger allergy just so, it’s specifically allergy to what wheat, the most-used of them, contains.
Second, oats, barley, and rye tend to be just as dangerous to wheat allergy sufferers because they have same thing, but are used less - so renaming it would be doubly counterproductive since it would both not represent the most likely cause and fail to be quickly recognized.

Third, buckwheat doesn’t have the same thing that triggers allergy, and technically isn’t even a grain. The problem is that there’s only one kind of “flour” instead of several, like in reality - you’re welcome to either contribute to awareness of the reagents so someone goes and implements it, which will make adding similar things to recipes much easier, or code a sub-item system where primary item can be substituted by any of its sub-items, resulting in generic item “flour” and non-generic “wheat flour” and “buckwheat flour” items which are equally usable if a recipe calls for just “flour”.

[quote=“Valiant, post:11, topic:7548”]Version 795e063.
7) When trying to cut up some leather thing, the text is “Salvaged x leather patchs”.
8) When putting casings somewhere, the text it “You put your x casingss in…”[/quote]
Pretty sure it’s because the messages in question try to add the plural themselves instead of using json ones.

When i try to make a molotov cocktail out of a glass bottle of flammable alcohol, it says i need a second Empty glass bottle to pour it into!!! i also cannot pour things out to obtain an empty glass bottle, and my character does not have the absolutely retarded trait either.

That’s not a bug.

Yeah, just a side effect of the current crafting system.

That said we’d really prefer new threads over bringing back old ones. Now I’m not saying to flood the board of course (grouping multiple bugs into a single report is fine), but when you bring back a thread like this it’s very possible for us to miss the fact that the majority of bugs in it have already been reported and fixed.

In other words, multiple bugs->one report/thread is fine, but multiple reports->one thread is not that helpful.