Several Container Problems

Experimental #10853 Tiles Windows

Finally was able to test out an experimental again. Some minor bugs or strange hiccups of note as follows:

  1. Marlin 39A .22 rifle seems to be unable to function because it is a Tubeloader firearm and it requests a magazine in order to load it. Which it of course does not have. Perhaps other tube load firearms may have this problem as well, yet I have only tested for a few hours and had not gotten to them.

  2. Firearm Holster; If the holster does not contain a firearm. Whenever I pick up a random item, that random item will be stored in a holster. Not sure if this is intented or not, but since almost every holster I’ve ever seen irl has had no bottom that would be able to contain anything(much) other than a gun.

3)Containers and Inventory Menu:

-Items before the new system would specify each denomination that the container held. This was very useful information that was important for inventory management. The categorical system now drops everything into pockets we have no idea which pocket and dumps all the unit amounts into a single pile such as “Food” 20 Sardines; even though you could have them in multiple cans in multiple pockets, with no way of knowing the amount of units per container as it use to be. To say it is messy is an understatement. I have no idea where everything is or how much of each container is left. Nor can I find half empty containers without examining every pocket individually and then examining each container within the pocket

-Garments do not seem to have a function to move from one pocket to another between garments. Everything picked up is auto-dumped into whatever free space is available instead of asking the player(as an option); Bulk same items could be asked where to be placed until container/pocket is full and ask where to place the remainder. I suspect micro-management is an annoyance for some, while imperitive for sanity sake for others like me. Like buying a bunch of items in real life and throwing everything at random in a room till it hits the ceiling without any organization.

-Food item and food containers; The nutrition table that we had in game could be inspected at a glance before picking up any such items(when scrolling a list). This is no longer available. I believe it is incredibly important to have an idea when staving off starvation to know this information per item as it was at the top of every food item. Which leads me to a directly connected problem.

-Eating Menu; This menu while useful seems to be the only way to view nutrition of food items at the moment. It also lacks each food container to differentiate what and where from my character actor is consuming. The list dumps every similar/same item into a pile irregardless of location and/or container around the actor or in pockets. I have no idea if I’m eating something from the floor, the fridge or in my own pockets of which garment. Nor do I know how many units from specific containers that I am consuming to keep track of open/closed containers and how many units within(see previous problems above).
Perhaps and most likely due to the ongoing work, regarding containers. But I do not know how much is being worked on, nor concepts thought of, as of yet. To clarify, I am merely marking the problems I see with the latest experimental #10853.
One possible menu solution to consider. In Linux systems and maybe others. File Explorers have had a long standing amount of practice in a very similar manner to what we use in CDDA. KDE Plasma “Details” mode in the file explorer looks like a potential solution.

Yes. I am aware we do not use “Point and Click”. That is not the point of this example. We can use the same/similar scrolling we normally use to access each item as we already do.

An example to keeping order:

Top to bottom of the player actor.
…-pocket->item container; item contained(6)

…-------------list of items similar to the image provided.
…-------------more items (21)
You get the idea.
I do not specifically intend the use of split screen. But that was the only image I could find at the time of writing this as a visual example. The open and collapse approach to inventory management would compliment the pocket system rather well for organization

(I am having great difficulty with the craptastic forum trying to give an accurate example and it keeps turning my characters into things I do not intend to write. So please ignore oddly placed periods and tills because I have no idea wtf it is doing. It is ruining my examples. I apologize if this is not conveyed in as well detailed a manner)

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A couple of the things you’ve stated do have answers. It’s late and i won’t respond to all of it, but i think i should at least try to mention some of the features.

3a) i think in this case the ; menu will completely solve this issue.
3b) the insert menu allows you to place items into your one item from any item in your inventory. unless you mean to specific pockets. i’ve been holding off on this particular bit of UI because there are some infrastructure things i need first and this will be somewhat hard to do in a way that’s not tedious. pocket settings should handle most of your needs, micromanagement is something i wanted to avoid if at all possible.

That is all i am able to answer right now.

Thanks for responding. I’ll check out my topics again to see if I missed anything.

3b) Maybe I missed something. But I did not notice insert on all garments. Which is why I will check again. But when testing the mechanics of this system. I only seemed to be able to Unload a garment. Which would randomly dump everything into other available garments.

3b) I did indeed miss the garments “Insert” function. Sorry. But I did come across something that really would help manage items. Items in the inventory having a “Move to” function. It may seem redundant. But while I was scrolling a list of my ammo. It would save a lot of time if I could look at the item and place items where I want instead of searching every garment and then changing my screen to the receiving garment, to use the “insert”. Less to keep track of for the player.

In general I find it a little difficult to keep track of where items are placed , as the list of items on the left side, do not specify their location in which garment/pocket. I like to organize stuff. Putting all my ammo in 1 garment for example is important to me. Because if I need to drop a jacket in a battle and half my ammo was in it when I did not know it. I could be left abandoning important items. This could happen because I at the moment, have to look through each garment/pocket to know where items are placed. Blocking items entirely does not always make sense when I want to place anything “extra” into a different garment.

So far the system is interesting. I look forward to seeing new things for it.

Thanks for your time.

again, try the nested containers mode by pressing ; in the inventory ui

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Ohh that was a button you wanted me to try. I thought it was a broken sentence. lol

I’ll try it when I next test the game. Thanks for the clarification.


After testing it out. That is pretty much what I was thinking of. Thanks for that information. I would like to suggest adding that mode as a permanent mode in the options. I think this would be great for people who like either/or mode.