Liquid ammonia evaporating while cooking mutagen

While attempting to craft base mutagen, my liquid ammonia is being consumed and I get prompted to consume more and continue crafting, as if I had failed the craft. Problem is, I have 10 AppSci skill and this is happening instantly upon attempting to craft the recipe, with no failure message given. Using lye powder instead of liquid ammonia works just fine, though. Sucks to not be able to use all my liquid ammonia after going to all the trouble of collecting it.

Are you on a recent experimental version? This issue appears to be the same as github’s #59539 ((Occasional) Batch Crafting of Rubber Cement destroys Liquid Ammonia despite adequate skill and no crafting-mistake message · Issue #59539 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub) which should be resolved in any experimental build after November 24.

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I updated to the latest experimental after it happened the first time because I had that same thought. Still borked, although, drawing from a comment you left in that thread, it turns out it does work if you stop crafting immediately after you begin and then continue with the in-progress item. I checked the item id of the pressurized tank to compare it to what was changed in your commit and confirmed that the type is GENERIC instead of TOOL, so that doesn’t seem to have fixed the issue for me.

It very well did fix the issue, but the pressurized tanks I had already collected were not changed by the update. Spawning in a new tank made the recipe work correctly, so I suppose I’ll just destroy my old ones and debug in the fixed ones. Thank you.

Turns out I spoke too soon. What made the recipe work was holding the ammonia tank in my inventory as opposed using the liquid ammonia while it is stored in a nearby shelf. I’m guessing that in the process of crafting the recipe, what is happening is the PC is moving to the shelf, unloading the liquid ammonia into inventory to be used for crafting, and it is then disappearing before being utilized due to no longer being pressurized. The tank has to physically be in the player’s inventory for the ammonia to be useable; having the tank even in the same tile is not enough.

Is this intended behavior? It’s understandable if it is; it’s just damned inconvenient and unintuitive when nothing else works like that.

Definitely not intended behavior, can you please make an issue on github with a save?

I will never make an account on GitHub. I understand this makes things difficult to solve. Apologies.

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Fr, the default response from pretty much everyone on this forum is “can you submit a report on github” if you bother to go through all the effort you’re then told “you’re report wasn’t detailed enough”. its a massive turn off :expressionless:

exactly but not really many options here

That’s because the issues report is on Github - where the work gets done - not here.

Filing an issue report takes barely anytime and it asked of users to do so, so someone can tackle those issues in an organised manner.

you’re report wasn’t detailed enough”

I’ve made several bug reports over the years, I’ve read thousands of issues and PRs, never once saw anyone do that to a properly filed bug report. In fact, I only remember seeing that happening when someone opened a ticket that was vague and had no information on how to reproduce the bug or which version it took place in. If that happened to you and you feel it was wrongly, I’d actually like to see when that was and who did it - and most likely would everyone else.

EDIT: I really feel like it’s becoming very commonplace for players to find new (unreasonable) ways to shit on the people working on content and/or fixes for the game and I am not enjoying that one bit.

Don’t misunderstand; my personal gripe is with GitHub itself, and how they have chosen to play political games with their users. If the entire repo was mirrored over on some place like GitGud or the like, some place that doesn’t do that immature high-school clique shit, I’d be over the moon. But that won’t happen, so any corrections I undertake are going to have to be for me and me alone, because fuck ShitHub.

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