Limb Degredation

Recently got back into Cataclysm and I can’t for the life of me figure out why my limbs are taking periodic damage even bandaged and disinfected. I can’t seem to find any cause to said damage. It’s pretty early on so health stat should still be fine.

Do you have broken bionics? Some of them cause damage to health stat, and some do it directly to limbs.

No bionics at all on my character

Moving over some obstacle terrain and falling occasionally?

Is it possible that you are (heavily) irradiated?

Maybe it is cold or heat damage?

Maybe you dissabled warning messages so you scamper through broken windows without realizing it.

The problem is even just trying to read a book in home it causes damage. It could maybe be radiation if they overhauled how radiation works. Ruled out nearly everything else.

Probably not the cause, but I assume you’re not picking poppies without protection? It took me some time to understand why my character kept getting injured legs.

Maybe fungal? I mostly play with that disabled since it wasn’t my type of fun but from what I’ve read it loosely fits.

Just even sitting in a chair in the house is causing the degredation. I’ve abandonded the save at this point. No activity was causing the damage. Isn’t happening in my new save.

have you checked mutations as some quase damage over time.

I assume you would have mentioned it if there was any message popping up in the message log or any suspicious sounding effect on the status screen… So I rule out mutant meat and parasites.

What’s the game version and are you running any mods?
Do you think you could put that world into a zip file and upload it somewhere (Google Drive, Dropbox, …) so I could take a look?

Could try that. I think it could possibly have been the sleep deprivation mod as I haven’t run into it since removing it but I still have the bunged up save around. Got a heck of a full schedule today so would have to figure it out tomorrow.