How to check limb/part hp (with deadened)?

Really hoping this isn’t a duplicate topic, but is there any way I can confirm the hp of my limbs other than a nurse bot checkup? I have the self-aware mutation, but that’s been cancelled by deadened, which I assume is working as intended. Is there a device or CBM that checks vitals (I’m aware of no such thing)? Though I have noticed I get slightly more feedback if I attempt first aid with bandages or something.

The thing is, my torso is very chilly despite having the same insulation as everything else. So I’m wondering if maybe I have fourth degree burns or something that my character is just too dull to notice. I would think I could use first aid to diagnose more precisely, but I dunno. Really just want to make sure I’m not missing something obvious.

‘x’, ‘e’(look around --> show extended descriptions). Shows your limbs’ HP using stick indicators even if you are deadened.

I made a bug report about it quite a while ago but it seems it doesn’t count as a bug so feel free to use it.

e: also, yes, FA menu uses different code than sidebar limbs “widget” (or however that’s called) so in case of deadened mutation FA menu shows more granulated limb status - good/okay/bad/very bad, IIRC - than sidebar which only shows “good” or “bad”.

Yup, that’s what I see.