Limbs no longer brake anymore? (experimental version)

It’s been a while I played but what I noticed that my limbs don’t seem to break anymore. Granted it’s been since january and im also playing the aftershock mod as well, which does changes some things. I have noticed when one of your limbs gets heavily damage it has a similar effect but not quite as a limb break.

My guess for the change is that since a limb being broken is basically a end runner thanks to the tedium to mend it that the devs cut the gordian knot and just gave you the effects at low limb health instead of breaking it entirely.

Limbs breaking functions identically, getting Disabled at 0 HP and needing a splint and a long time to mend. Limb HP also impact their limb scores way before that, though, so it’s not an all or nothing thing (though that’s been a thing for about two years now).

Yes I know how the limb break works, but from what you are saying am I underestimating how much health I still had in those limbs? It just seemed to me it never got to the limb breaking point even at . . . . health I still heal back from that normally without a splint but since I suffered the debuffs I assumed that’s how the limb HP works now; no breaks just debuffs at the red and pink levels.