Light up the Night (Stable & Experimental)

Afraid of the Night? ever wanted to be caught sneaking or see who lurks on the streets at night, or you want to use a wider cone of light to display your nice factory that you have just taken over with your npc friends? … or perhaps you like how the lights look on the minimap at night…

Then Me and Cobweb offer you this!

What Light up the Night Offers:

  • Flag Poles that Glow! now you can have your Flag be nice and visible even at Night! they appear in certain spots where Flag poles used to be set up.

  • The Street light, Traffic Light now give off weak light at night! with the Power of Handwaverium (lets just call it emergency power), they will have a constant glow and make the streets even at night a lovely sight to behold. you can also integrate them into a Grid and obtain a much more powerful light, only taking in the cost of loosing the free dim glow.

-Makeshift Street Lights! you want a glorious Street light but want it more mobile, or just lack the extensive time it takes to take apart a existing one? you can craft your own with Wood and light up an area that way!

Installation Guide: Put the Folder in Dark Days Ahead\cdda\data\mods
Keep in Mind this Mod has in addition a 0.G Stable Branch if you are not playing on Experimental. just select it here

some Teaser Screenshots:

Credits go mainly to Cobweb#2884 on Discord , i helped initially converting it from stable to experimental and adjusting the values for balance overall. Cobweb is also hosting it on Github.

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