Light survivor gloves recipe (v.6531, 0.C-22718-g417ac0b (tiles))

It seems that I cannot craft light survivor gloves using glove liners as a component, recipe doesn’t recognize this item. Once I have crafted pair of light gloves - recipe seems to work and recognize BOTH ingredients even though there is OR parameter between them.

did you craft the glove liners then immediately try to craft the survivor gloves? or did you find the liners? aka we need more data.

Yes, exactly. I crafted pair of glove liners in order for recipe to work. It didn’t. I then crafted pair of light gloves and recipe worked, it even allowed me to choose between light gloves and glove liners in the process.

Sounds like crafting inventory not invalidating on the turn it is changed.

yep, craft an item then hit 5 to wait one turn for your inventory to update, then it will be a valid item for use in a recipe. the turn an item is created it’s in a quantum state of not existing in the component list but in your inventory.