[0.9-1648-gc25c259] Bug when crafting

In the latest experimental I went to craft the usual improvised lockpicks/crowbar that I usually do when first spawning but I get a debug message with the following: DEBUG: Attempted a recipe with no available components!

The components are there, the item gets crafted and the skill gets trained but it doesn’t use up any materials, besides the debug message.

Seems to happen with all items.

This happens with everything, including recipes where you can select different materials. This means you can’t select what you want to use.

Seems to be related to the craft-from-containers change. It happens most to me when I have some of the crafting components on the ground around me and not in my inventory.

It completes crafting though so far, oddly enough, I just get the debug message.

Another oddity, not sure if its fixed now since I was using the 275 release yesterday morning, but I could craft with rotten food. I made a baked potato out of a rotten potato (which was still bugged with the “fresh rotten” issue regardless).

Well, the message always happen, and at the end we just don’t use any stuff at ground - i mean we can USE them but they don’t disapear.
Any stuff you use in a craft, while being in your inventory, is used & disapear like usual but with the red message.

Also, we always were able to craft stuff from rotten food, but it end with rotten tag if one of the component have it too.
After the bug with the fresh rotten is gone, feel free to report if you find again some specific craft that don’t produce rotten food while using rotten one (just don’t forget that some food can’t rot but can be crafted from rotten stuff)

Possibly related, still occurring in Windows Curses #278: trying to craft milk (possibly other liquids) using nearby components seems to skip the check for available containers, asks if you want to pour it on the ground, and deletes it if you say ‘no’.

I believe this has been fixed.