Lets talk about Kegs and Vehicle Tanks

So something that has been bothering me is why do each of the three different types of mass liquid storage use a different UI? For Vehicle tanks, I get it, you gotta use the vehicle menu to interact with them, duh… unless you’re using a faucet/kitchen unit/foodco then you get the Keg UI with the hotkeys as [C]ontainer and [D]rink which is nice and fast and my preferred setup. If you interact with a water heater you get almost the same UI except choosing to pour it into a container ends on the screen showing the water heater’s inventory which has no use since you can’t pick up a liquid and then after you exit that inventory your container is filled. Finally we have standing tanks which use 1,2,3 and 4 as hotkeys for contain, drink, examine and refill and don’t have an accessible inventory at all and actually work way smoother than the water heater.

In summation: Vehicle tanks are the smoothest form of liquid storage, standing tanks have different hotkeys to do the exact same things and water heaters throw out standards and do wacky stuff with an inventory as though they were just a regular container with a liquid in them.

Tell me I’m not the only one that would like to see liquid tank UI and features unified. pls :confounded:

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There’s a great deal of UI cleanup and unification waiting to be done. Many parts of the game still define their own menus in their own peculiar way, with their own specific quirks.

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Still better than DF by a couple orders of magnitude - but yeah, could use some standardization and cleanup.