Let's play the worst char

This is supposed to be some kind of challenge, born of my boredom if nothing else.
The rules : Someone (me first) makes the worst char they can think of, within some rules (to be announced). Anyone willing will play the char for 24h, starting where the previous player left (this means saves sharing).
The PC (playing chars) must be left on green health at the end of the day.
6 starting skill points, to be spent on the primary stats, and only those 6 spent on primary skills.
The PC MUST be Illiterate.
Whoever is the last playing is the winner and will choose the next PC.

Any other rules are open to discussion.

Anyone interested ? My starting char is this :

Strength : 8
Dex : 8
Int : 14
Per : 8

Traits :
+Light Eater

  • Night Vision
    -Glass jaw

Profession : Failed Android

Skills :
Driver ++
Launchers ++

At the end of first 24h, the player must share the save to the next player.

Well ?

High intelligence, yet illiterate?

uneducated doesn’t always mean stupid :slight_smile:
i’ve chosen Illiterate because reading in-game seems to me a lazy and convenient way to raise skills. Just think about it, 1 week of lecture will make you a genius mechanic master chef cook with ninja-like fighting skills? Nope, the bears disagree :slight_smile:

No using computers ever too! That closes off some fun things, bank vaults, police lockers, mines, nukes, etc.

Wall-demo can open up the vault, etc. No computers means no Lab Notes, no Amigara Fault–you need to at least fail-to-hack the computer to start the event–and no nuke launching, IIRC.

but of course you could put skill points in computer skill. The idea was to make a truly difficult char and to test it’s resilience :slight_smile:

That’s not the worst character. You can have unused skill points.


Now there’s a character.

It’s like playing as how we would all actually fare in the zombie apocalypse.

haha, i’d like to think we’d have at least 8 Int and 1 point in computers :stuck_out_tongue:

Illiterate characters can’t use computers at all. The only thing computer skill would be good for is electrohacking card readers.

I’m illiterate. This is just a really lucky stream of random key presses. Hell, I don’t even know what I’m saying. Think of the odds, man, that an illiterate like myself, can make hundreds of key presses and still form sentences.

Shame that I can’t read this.

slkdfj sj dfls fsi k ij’sf’sk fj sdf s jf sjdf ksdf j’;sndfj s;dnf ;sdn f;nsdf; n!!!

hmm, small kids manage to use computers without knowing how to read. Take that you trolls :slight_smile: