Leave .ccp files uncompiled as their own folder in data

Is that possible? That’d make it easier to actually edit them. Compiling, I don’t have a clue about. People have tried to explain, but still, you can’t just copy paste it in like the stuff in the precompiled version.

I can read .ccp in the source. I just wish it was a folder in the compiled version. I don’t know if that would take up too much space or lag though, but if no one’s thought of it, why not?

Go to the github page (https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA) and click on the “Download ZIP” button on the lower right. The zip will have recent source.

No, that’s not what I mean. I meant if .ccps could be left as ccps, but still accessible from an already compiled game. Instead of going into data and finding JSON and RAW, if you could find JSON, RAW, and CCP files. Compiling is all greek to me.

It’s certainly possible to have the raw code available. NaturesWitness did that for me when he was getting started making the MA traits. Came in handy for wiki work too.

Problem is, editing it without compiling accomplishes nothing to change the executable’s performance. Every time I changed the numbers when getting the hibernation settings set (I’m thinking I should’ve tweaked it some more… :-/ ) I had to recompile.

That’s why JSON stuff is so important: you only have to re-run the executable, not recompile the source, in order for changes to take effect.

There’s no reason to push the source with every binary, most people aren’t interested and it’ll just bloat download sizes, but I gave you a easy way to get the source you’re looking for. I’m not saying to compile it, just use it for reference.
If you really want the exact corresponding source for the binary you’re using, grab it with git, it’s not that hard and there are tutorials all over the place.

Well, let’s say I want to access things like the “USEACTION” function, and change around what they do. I’d have to compile to get any use out of it. And while I can understand the code, compiling baffles me. Last time I tried it, I spent too much time and got nuffin’ but a blank screen.