Learning Styles from Close Quarters Battle CBM

I’ve been told its possible to learn styles you don’t already know from the Close Quarters Battle CBM. I’m wondering how long this takes, because I’d love to learn Muay Thai or Bionic Combatives and use them with my full 19 Unarmed Skill.

Last I knew, it’s only possible to learn one style from it - I forgot the name, but it’s also the only way to learn that style.

The other styles can be found in books, at least almost all of them (maybe all by now), but the books are really rare.

That’s Bionic Combatives you’re thinking of. Any idea of how long I need to be beating up things with the CBM before I learn it?

Never bothered with it myself, sorry.

I’m not sure how long, but I vaguely remember it being affected by your intelligence stat. The higher your intelligence, the quicker you’ll learn the style.

Activate the CBM, select a style, then grind hits while on drugs that boost intelligence. It has a random chance of giving you the style every hit.

Yay Drugs!

Also hi. I don’t think you’ve posted since I’ve come on this board.

EDIT: It worked! Now to rule what’s left of the world with my epic unarmed skills!