Fighting style Manager

I seem to remember there was a style manager that would tell you what skills could be used with what fighting styles. Now it could be just in the code and I’m mis-remembering, but I could’ve sworn there was a keybind to see it. I tried looking through the keybind menu, and I couldn’t find it.
Also it could have been removed? Idk, but I’m trying to refind it.
I remember it would tell you what fighting levels were need to use certain techniques for certain styles (example: you would need at least 2 unarmed combat to do uppercut with boxing idk.)

I’m just wondering cause I found it useful to see what I could do with my fighting styles, and it was helpful and interesting to look at.

I think it was either F1 or ? in the menu where you choose the fighting style and should still work?

alright thanks I’ll try it.